black nails

4 toes on my right foot that are turning black! It started with my second toe and has spread to the other toes but not my big toe. They have turned color slow but never the less they are still turning black…. I do not wear tight shoes and it is not blood under the toenail, there is no bursing. I have read and looked at everything that I can find on this but nothing seems to fit what is going on with my toes. So I was hoping that you might be able to shade some light on this matter for me. Thank you for any thoughts that you might have on the matter.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    It would really be best to have this looked at by a podiatrist or dermatologist. Without seeing it, it is impossible to say for sure. One thought is a mold possibly Aspergillus, which is not uncommon. There are other possiblities.


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