Blisters on the Back Heel.

I Walk 4 Miles a day, And I keep getting 2 Blisters on the back of both of my heelm, in the exact same spot’s everytime. The first blister occues in the middle back of my heel (most common spot for blisters I think). Anyway’s, The second blisters occur much further down on the back of my heel, near the bottom, and slightly off to the side. I have cross-training shoe’s that seem to fit pretty good. My shoe’s don’t slip up and down, and feel pretty snug. I put bandaid’s on the spots I get blisters at. It doesen’t help. The blister’s don’t seem to hurt much at all really untill I walk for about a week straight. I’m not sure what I can do? Thank’s in advance for any help.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without seeing your feet and the shoes, I can just guess. It may be the style of shoe, you may have a deformity on the back of your heel. Possibly the socks are contributing to the problem too. If you sweat alot, the socks may rub-you could try socks made with Cool Max rather than cotton. Heel cups might possibly help the rubbing too. These are some entry level suggestions. If these do not help, see a podiatrist.


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