Body Glove Knee Brace

About 17 years ago, Dr. Champ Baker of the Hughston Clinic in LaGrange, Georgis precribed 2 Body Glove knee braces for me.
I have not seen Dr. Baker since then and these braces have worked very for me. Regretfully, I have worn out these braces.
They are blue in color with black velcro belts at top and bottom.
There are 2 ea. stitched-closed pockets on both the lateral and medial aspects of the brace, that appear to have a firm strip on some sort in sealed in each pocket.
There is no “hinge” on these braces.
There is a knee hole. A removable u-shaped felt pad is behind the knee hole, on the interior of the brace.
The felt holds the brace just under my patella.
The diameter around my left knee (over patella) is 17″ and 17.25″ around my right knee.
The diamter of my upper leg is about 19″ and lower leg is about 17″.I’m 6’4″ tall and weigh 250 lbs. I primarily use them when I play double tennis.
Which of the Body Glove knee braces — and which size — are (identical, I hope) replacements for my current knee braces.Thanks!

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    look it up at ebay, I saw some identicle to what you described.


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