Body parts falling asleep

Hello–I’m 18 years old and I often have body parts fall asleep. Unusual places, too. Like right now, my left should feels like it’s falling asleep. And many times, it could be the bridge of my nose, my lip (only occasionally), the inside of my ear, my feet or hands fall asleep with them sitting right in front of me (no strain of the veins) and once, I think even my eyebrow went to sleep. I would just really like to know if this is something serious that I should speak with my doctor about, or if it’s typical. Thank you for reading, and if you have any information for me, please e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you.–Beth

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    Beth,Not typical. Not something that I can seem to understand, given that your areas are controled by different nerves. And it is the nerves that cause numbness not veins or arteries. I think, and remember I am student and in school so take this with a grain of salt, that you could have something in your brainstem. Go and get it checked out NOW. Don’t wait.


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