Bodybuilder with pain in both bicep insertions…

I am a 36-year-old bodybuilder. About 14 months ago, I was performing heavy upright rows for my shoulders—all went well.
Then I started doing bicep curls over a preacher bench and I suddenly felt a very sharp burning pain where my bicep meets my forearm.
I’ve narrowed it down to my “brachio radialis” area. (not sure of spelling) My other arm started experiencing the same pain which shortly became as bad as the other.
I went to an orthopedic MD who did an x-ray which showed nothing.
He gave me anti-inflams which didn’t really help. I have no troulble at all with other exercises as long as they do not directly stress the bicep or “brachio radialis” area. Basically, all pushing movements are painless.
However, if I perform barbell, dumbell or machine curls for biceps I will experience a sharp burning pain in my biceps insertion (near forarms) and the pain will radiate all the way down near my wrists, even if I use a very light weight. As a matter of fact, all I have to do is flex my biceps to make them hurt.
The movement that hurts the worst is the barbell reverse curl or hammer curl performed with a dumbell, both with a palms down position. I have had physical therapy for this to no avail.
The orthopedic said I should lay-off for at least 3-6 months and see what happens then.
I never gave this injury more than a week off until now.This injury is very confusing and frustrating.
I would appreciate info. Thank you,Brian

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    Usually when your brachio radialis gets damaged your screwed. First it can be hard to diagnose as being the main culprit of the problem. I have all but severed mine over the last three years of playing softball. I have rested it for 6 months a year for the last three years. About 3 innings into the first game of the season, it’s hurting. Playing 3-8 games a weekend certainly doesn’t help in-season healing. As the season goes on (and you might experience this over time) the pain starts to crawl up your bicep. What happens is the pain in the inner elbow where the humorous and bicep meet the inner elbow starts with a strain. If you know anything about strains and sprains, it’s that they never heal back to 100%. The tendons and muscle fibers start to look like spagehtti over time, and the more and more usage causes damage which in turns weekends the fibers making them more spagehtti like until they shread completely. Anti-flams have never worked for me because the damage really is too severe although sometimes the pain might just be more annoying than painful. In a nutshell, the damage is done and 90% rest does not replace the damage as not using it just prevents further damage. A solution I have found, or a procedure I am having done in the fall is tendon replacement. Apparently this will rid my arm of the problem.


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