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Hello Terry, My question is simple but before I ask I will give you a brief history of myself.
I’m a 30 y/o male, 5′ 11″, 220lbs.
In 2019 I sustained a lumbar injury (L4 central herniation) that put me out of commission for a year and a half.
I beleive I had more than just a disc herniation because upon receiving massage therapy my condition began to rapidly get better with increased flexibility and a substantial reduction in pain.
I receive massages every 2 weeks now on a regular basis. One thing doctors couldn’t explain to me was a hip hike condition that occured after the injury ( right hip higher than the left throwing my spine out of alignment) this has improved with the massage. Now that I’m close to normal I want to resume bodybuilding but don’t know where to begin.
I was told to ask a physical therapist because they have more knowledge in this area.
My doctor told me,”to avoid surgery do not load your spine in anyway.” This more or less makes it difficult to achieve muscle stimulation that I’m after. Could you help by outlining a program that will suit me.
I’m trying to achieve 200lbs but muscular.
I will forward any information to my doctor for his approval aslo.
My goal is to train smart and stay injury free.
Thank you.


    Terry Robinson PT

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    Sounds like you have a good goal. I would recommend you stay away from “back strengthening exercises” Your back is strong. You need a good, comprehensive, symptom free abdominal strengthening program. Also, you probably have real tight hamstrings. Gain flexibility in these and build your abs and your back will heal itself. Avoid hyperextension with lats and military press routines. Do cable crossovers with trunk rotation to build strength in the obliques and deep back muscles. Watch form on squats and clean and jerk, if you do these. Also, be carefull of some over the counter muscle building aids, these may cause some weakening of your bones in the spine.


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    I am 20 years old, I am suffering of trouble in my backbone ( preserved lumbar lordosis & bulge in disc ( cartilage ) at lumbar vertebrae 4,5 )Knowing that I was playing bodybuilding exercises for 2 years without any trouble & I am not going to undergo any surgical operations Can I play the same exercises once more after recovery??? if yes how many weights can I play with ??


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