Bone Stimulation for Jones Fracture

Earlier I wrote to you about my Jones fracture.At week 5,the xrays showed there was no bone callus,however my DPM said he did see a grey area between the fracture and said that was a sign of healing.
The swelling appears to be going down a bit and my foot feels “firmer”.
He said that (as you suggested)most insurance companies will not pay for bone stimuation until it is determined after 3 or 4 months that there is no union.
I understand that I have to be patient with this injury.
That’s not a problem.My questions are-should I be more insistent with regard to pursuing bone stimulation sooner than 3 or 4 months,given there is no bone callus?After how many weeks in a boot and keeping my weight off the foot and no union will it be before I go to the next course of treatment(ie,surgery?)Thank you very much

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You can talk to your doctor who knows what your foot looks like better than I do. Some doctors prefer to allow for more time. Others may be more aggressive and recommend surgery sooner. There is no absolute, as with many things in medicine and surgery. I had one patient who had this fracture who had severe heart disease and emphysema and certainly was not a candidate for any surgery. He wore the bone stimulator for 6 months and I saw him back recently for something else and his foot was healed. So it is possible, but not quickly.


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