Born with deformed toes-help!

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I was born with six toes on one of my feet (beside pinky toe) and also webbing between the pinky and 4th toe. I had sugery on it when I was little (in the early late 1970s), but the sugeon clearly didn’t know what he was doing.
As a result, my pinky toe still looks deformed and it grew a keloid after the sugery and the nail on it is big, not smooth, and deformed looking (actually it doesn’t look like a keloid, the toe is just big and the top part is deformed). Also, the webbing grew back is still between the pinky and 4th toe ( I don’t think he cut far enough).
None of my shoes fit correctly and I grow a big corn on the pinky toe.
Anyway, when I was in high school I went to a doctor to see what they could do sugery wise and the doctor stated if I had sugery on it again, it will probably grow another keloid.
Now please keep in mind that this was a very small town doctor and was back in the late 1980s.
Do you think a new surgeon will be able to make the toe and the nail look almost normal again with it keloiding?
Any suggestions on good surgeons to do this? I am defintely having sugery on it and don’t think it could look any worse than it is now.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I understand your concerns. Depending on the presentation and the circulation a surgery might be done. Either a podiatrist who has experience with this type of situation or a plastic surgeon would be my recommendation. Good luck.


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      : Dear Doctor, I was born with a middle to that is shorter then my baby toe and it’s a small toe nail on it. please help.


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