Both heel and toes pain.

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I have my both heel and toes severly paining with low fever since last one week without anything hit on it. It is worst at morning time when I weakup. My illness started before 2 weeks with headach and fever and it was dignosed as virus. Blood report indicates Iron deficiency and 11200 WBC. I can feel swelling under my middle fingers. Doctor says that it’s Tendonitis and have to take rest for a week or two, but how it could happend suddenly without any hardword? Please advise. Appreciate your help in advance.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Without examining you, I can not give you a definite answer. One consideration is rheumatoid arthritis or something similar. There are viral and bacterial illnesses that might also cause these symptoms, such as a strep infection. You should discuss this further with your doctor, or perhaps see another one.


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      Thanks for your reply. I do understand your concern, if I could reach to you, you could have examined me. My age is 37 years and having 2 kids. Now my swelling is changing location and having pain in ankle as well, I show it to my doctor and he is still stick to his dicision about tendenitis, my dad is also doctor, but he is too far from me, he is worring and thinking about “Grout” as I have low fever too. I going for an Xray and blood culture coming Tuesday. Please keep writting your suggestions to me. Thanks again.


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