Both shine are sore

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I have had this problem for years now. Whenever I exercised or even walked on hard surfaces for a while both oy my shins would go “rock hard” and the pain would get so bad I’d have to stop. Usually a couple of hours rest and the problem cleared.

Like I say this problem strectches back about 15 years.

Recently i started doing a lot of running. Espeically in the gym on the tradmill. The pain and stiffnes returned. So I stopped. This was six months ago. Whilst the “pain” has gone it stil feels “tight” and burning. I haven’t done any exercise for 6 months now.

I need to find out whta this problem is and get it fixed. I love keeping fit and I can’t do anythinf for fear of pain.

Any suggestions?

Please email me:

Thank you

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    First of all you should see the doctor to make sure that you are dealing with common shin splints and nothing more exotic.

    If you changed you activity and the pain started after this change you may have done too much too soon. You will have to take a break, calm down the inflammation and then start and increase *very* slowly in order for the lower leg muscles to gain strength and prevent a problem.

    Also, have you changed sneakers recently? A pair of sneaker which overcorrects pronation can lead to very bad cramping of the tibialis anterior (the shin muscle). If you have been walking/running on them for a while look at the wear pattern on the bottom. A normal wear pattern has wear on the back outside of the heel, almost no wear in the midsole and push off wear off the big toe. (not the “tip” of the shoe) if you don’t see this pattern, get to a podiatrist with your shoes to figure out what kind of shoes you need and whether or not you need orthotics.

    At anyh rate, rest the sore parts of your body, Ice them and ask the doc about anti-inflammatory meds to calm everything down before you start over.

    Good luck,


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    If it is compartmental syndrome what do I do about it?

    How serious a problem is it?


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    Maybe Compartment Syndrome?
    thats what I had, and I just got the surgery, so now I am in the Rehab Process..


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    Have you tried massage to the muscles at the back of the shin?

    Many people get rid of the inflamation and pain only to have it return because the condition of the muscles causing the inflammation of the periostium on the bone are poor.


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