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I have a 11 years old son that has problem with his left heel. It is not swollen and he has seen a specialist which can find no problem. If my son sits for a long time period (15 minutes or more), He gets up limping. When playing basketball, It is very noticable. WHen entering into the game, It takes he a while to get that foot to move. What should I do? What can be the problem. Please Help!


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    At his age, the most common cause of heel pain is Calcaneal apophysitis or inflammation of the growth plate of the heel. It is very common in children who are very active in sports. Usually the problem quits when the growth plate of the heel closes in the early teens. Many times theis can be treated with rest, ice anti-inflammatories, heel cushion, or heel cups and sometimes orthotics. Rarely is the growth plate fractured. There is a great deal of disagreement and misunderstanding about this. An X-ray of both heels should be taken and used for comparison.
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    Hello! I have a problem with pain in the middle of my heel (both feet). I play a lot of sport and have been training a lot recently for the football season. I thought it may be due to poor fitting shoes or even some new running shoes I bought recently. The pain began three weeks ago in the heel of my right foot and then began in my left foot as well. It is red and slightly swollen. I have rested it for two weeks but it does not seem to have died down much. What is the likely cause of the pain and what can I do to cure it?


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