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my 10 year old son (who has a bad temper) got angry and punched the stairs. He immediately had pain and swelling of the top of the hand by the little finger knuckle. We iced and elevated and did motrin for the nigh(happened Sunday afternoon) and debated on a trip to the ER. Decided to wait and see his doc in the morning. Took him in this morning and wa told it was a soft tissue injury to the hand. No xray. My question is, after it was wrapped with an ace bandage his pain increased alot, the swelling has gone down quite a bit but you cannot see his 4th or 5th knuckles and parts of the hand are purple. Her reason for not xraying was that he could move his fingers somewhat. Can you have a boxer fracture and still be able to move the finger? He is in more pain now, 24 hours later and less swelling than he was when he first did it. Should I insist on an xray?

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    Just a quick note to let anyone who is interested. We had an xray today and there is a boxer fracture. So the answer to my own question is YES, you can have a fracture and still have mobility of the fingers (which was the original reason for no xray being ordered)


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