boxers break 5th metac.

I have boxers break 5th metac. on right hand.
Was in gutter splint for 2 weeks. Dr. just put on leather like splint with metal in it at inside of hand, start phy. therapy tomorrow for fingers, 1x a week for 6 weeks.
Hand hurts worse with this splint and still have alot of swelling in fingers, is this normal.
How long normally does someone need to take presc. pain meds, did this 19 days ago. Thank you,Teresa

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    May PT

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    It is, obviously, difficult to reply to you question since I have not seen you X-ray. The location and type of fracture makes a big difference in the time of healing, as well as the treatment. Your PT, however, should be able to give you a prognosis when he sees you personally. I would doubt that you will be in pain for much longer, at least not constantly. You can probably discontinue Rx pain medications in a few more days. I think the PT will give you some relief, and help you to restore your range-of-motion. Let us know how you do after seeing the PT, and good luck.


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