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I am a conductor who has been suffering from an unusual (and still undiagnosed) illness for nearly 3 years. Among other things, my muscles fatigue very quickly and become increasingly painful and a bit clumsy the more I use them. Even just sitting up for a few hours makes my back and neck muscles hurt. I rest a lot and seek out accomodations to help me remain as active as possible. For example, when conducting, I remain seated and change arms whenever one arm gets too tired/painful to use.I’m interested in purchasing a back brace to wear when I conduct and would like help selecting an appropriate one. (Would the Lumbo-Thoracic Support be good?) I’d like something with strong support but slight flexibility so I don’t appear stiff. Thank you for your assistance.Annette

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    Ok, so, reading your post I get the feeling you have never been to a chiropractor. the best chiropractic patients are in lines of work to where they are in alot of sdiscomfort doing the same things over and over. So much and so long that their posture actually changes. With that I would suggest you do go see a chiropractor. Find one that is smaller in size…practice that is…. I personally and professionally feel that these DC’s are more personable and you will not be just a number.Would you go to Walgreens to get your orthotics? some of those gadgets are the worse things anyone can do to their feet, let alone their spine. When you go to a chiro, you will be properly fit with a more durable, long lasting brace. You need to get something like this done by a professional….you don’t want to make your matter worse. Hope this helps


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