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Has chiropractic care been used to successfully treat BRACHIORADIAL PRURITUS?
If so — what is the “normal” course of treatment, and how quickly can one expect relief from itching, burning, tingling sensations associated with BP?THANK YOU!



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    Yes, in some cases chiropractic has helped. Some alternatives you may want to consider is acupuncture or cold laser treaments. Both types of treatments are offered by chiropractors. You would need to call around to see who is trained and offers the treament.


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    Hello everyone, I have noticed that all the symptoms you have described are the same symptoms I suffer from. My Dermatologist has done nothing for me! I wish I could find some relief somewhere besides ice packs. I have it on both my arms and on my shoulders. I have read about Brachioradial pruritis and that seems to best explain what we all could potentially suffer from. [] is a website that explains it well. While I was doing some research I came across this —–> [] It’s apparently an ebook written by a lady named Adele Michaels who wrote all about the symptoms we suffer from (if you check out the website you will see what I mean) she seemed to have it down word for word what we suffer from. I was about to buy the book when I saw the price. $49.95 which wouldn’t be a lot to cure this problem we have, but I decided to do some more research on her. I googled Adele Michaels and found this web page —–> [] which has the exact same set up! If you notice on both website under “How do I know this will work for me? ” you see testimonials from THE SAME EXACT PEOPLE FROM BOTH WEBSITES!!! The testimonials were only changed slightly as well! In seeing this I will not be purchasing the book but am curious if anyone has or see any other similar things that are actually legit. Goodluck to everyone during this time I hope everyone finds relief soon :-(Edit Reply Quote R


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