Broekn Arm Recovery/Rehab

My 10 year old baseball playing son broke his right, throwing arm (radius snapped in two) 4 weeks ago.
Several questions- can he play baseball with the short cast??? Once the cast is off (scheduled at 51/2 weeks) what precautions or limitations should he have. what about addiitonal therapy (heat/whirlpool/electric stimulation, etc..) to promote healing. Any other thoughts, comments or suggestions appreciated.

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    Dr Shane dc

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    Having not seen the x-rays or examined your son I am not able to comment on the recovery rate of his broken arm. There are just too many variables unknown. That withstanding, when you have been given the ok to resume activities by your MD I would seek out an A.R.T. provider ( who can help minimize any loss of motion due to excess scar tissue deposition during the time of immobility. A.R.T. is non invasive and can produce amazing results in only a few treatments.


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