Broke left clavical!!!!

I broke my left clavical in soccer practice on sept. 12. I am wearing the brace that the orthapedic doctor gave me and I’d just like to know what the typical healing rate is. I basically would like to know if I will be able to play soccer again this season, ending early November. Thanks!

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    I broke my left clavical also on Aug 20th. From what I’ve gotten from my doctor, it’s anywhere from 6 weeks to heal somewhat, and up to 3 months before it’s completly healed. You’re probably looking at the middle of October before you can start to do anything active with that arm, so I would say soccer might be out this year, but alot of it depends on your age, and how good of shape your in. I just went to the Dr again this week for follow up x-ray’s, and there is still no sign of the bone meanding. He did tell me that it was still somewhat early though, since it had only been a month.


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