broke left foot-snow tubing

hello…well we were down for our 9th snow tubing run–my boyfriend & I,sharing a double tube-in our younge,early 50’s-Sun, Jan 15th-cold,icy day…
I was slammed into a big ice boulder—I saw stars…did my best, walked,boy it hurt, packed the car & back to er 5 pm jan 15th…dx—contusion,fracture,sprain,articular surface injury,neurovascular injury,tendon injury-5th metatarsal…wrapped up from er–saw dr next day.. He has me in a left shoe cast, only walk on heel,use crutches-next appointment feb.27th—i’m getting pins and needles, numness, falling asleep…they said to elevate it & use ice…anything else,anyother advise…

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    The best thing is to follow the advice you were given already. It is counterproductive to do alot of things to an injured area while it is trying to heal. Take it easy and don’t overdo it and call you doctor with any questions


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