Broken ankle 13 places, 20 screws & 3 plates

I broke my ankle in 13 places on 1/9/06. Surgery on 1/11 for external fixature. Surgery 1/25 to remove external and 20 screws & 3 plates installed. Can you suggest therapy for next two months while on crutches?

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    I’m assuming you are still non weight bearing? Here are a few I like. Lying on your back, place a towel roll under your knee, lift your foot, keeping your thigh intact with the towel roll, hold for 5 seconds and repeat. The next is a straight leg raise…simply tighten your thigh and lift your leg 12-18 inches off the bed. Here’s another…lift your leg a few inches off the bed and move your leg out toward the side and back to the middle…repeat. Another, lie on your side, bad leg up. Lift leg up about 8-12 inches…knee straight…repeat.Another…lie on back, leg straight…bend knee lifting foot off the bed at the same time..lift your knee up toward your chest and return leg to starting position, repeat. Some standing ones…hold onto a sturdy surface…with your bad leg, knee straight move it out away from your body and then back. Another, try to kick your sensored…another, lift your knee up like marching, be careful not to kick the surface you’re holding onto. There…that should keep you busy…remember DO NOT put any weights on your ankle and continue to use ice for pain control.


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