Broken Ankle

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I was in a car wreck last October that really messed up my ankle.
Both bones were broken and surgery was done to repair it.
I have a plate with screws going up the fibula and a long pin going up the tibia.
The OS that did the surgery placed the plate with too much of an angle and so my ankle is cocked off to the right at an angle.
It is very painful, and has stayed swollen since the surgery.
I am unable to wear most shoes that I would like to and I go back to the pain factor.
I know that it will need to be re-broken and put back correctly, but I cannot do that for at least another year due to College.
Would having the plate and pin taken out be helpful or at least alleviate some pain?
I do not know a single person that has something similar and I really need some advice!!!
Thanks in advance~Stephanie


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    If you have recent copies of your x-rays, then schedule an appointment with a podiatrist or orthopedist and show them. That is really the only way to get more information. To see is to know, not to see is to guess.


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    Just nosing through websites trying to find information. I also broke my ankle playing football, no hard challenge, tripped on the ball and my body weight did the rest thanks to the astroturf, I had an operation with 2 screws put in. My ankles break started on 1 side and went around to the other, this was on DEC 11 2013 had operation on the 13th. I really want to play football again and my ankle feels fine already, my question to you is how long should I wait? and what sort of food and drink should I take. kind regards Matt. ps i’m 30 not over weight and very active usually


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