Broken Ankle

I broke my ankle back in October of ’04.
I went to a orthopedic dr who said it was a clean break and casted it.
I removed the cast myself because I wasn’t having any problems. Now a couple months later it’s bothering me, not bad or anything.
So I was wondering should I have been wearing a brace or doing some type of physical therapy?

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    I broke my ankle September 13. I was casted on the 15th. Yesterday on October 26th my cast was removed. They gave me a walking boot cast to where for the next two weeks and said I may return to work on the 1st of November. I wait tables, with the cast they gave me I am still limping and have discomfort around the ankle when I walk with it. What am I supposed to do if I am still limping with a large cast trying to carry a tray of drinks around a restuant?


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