Broken Ankle- Strength Training

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I recently broke one of my ankle bones and one of the large metatarsal bones on the same side of my foot playing basketball. They aren’t really bad fractures and my doctor just gave me an air cast and told me to stay off of it for 6-8 weeks. I am a weightlifter and I have(or had) an especially powerful lower body. I am somewhat able to still train my upper body, but I do not want my legs to whither away. There are no machines at my gym that do not put weight on my injury. Are there exercises that I could still maintain at least some of my strength in my lower body over the next couple weeks?

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    i fractured my ankle like 3 years ago. recently I played tennis and I must’ve twisted it. it’s been a month now and its better but it still seem weak! are there any exercise I can do to make it stronger?

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      Here are some basics.sensored://


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