Broken Ankle – Bad swelling, can anyone advise please?

I broke my ankle – I don’t know what kind of break as the hospital didn’t tell me.
I had a cast fitted for 6 weeks – when I went back to get the cast removed, the hospital said I should leave it on a further 2 weeks.
So, after nearly 8 weeks the cast is now off but I am still getting lots and lots of problems.My foot, ankle and bottem half of my leg is very swollen and I cannot walk unaided on the foot.
I thought after all this time things would have been a little better than this, but I cannot move my foot or walk on it.
I am concerned about all the swelling and that after nearly 8 weeks there seems to be so significant improval in my condition.
I would appreciate any advice/stories (etc) that anyone can offer with similar conditions.Your replies will be greatly appreciated.Many Thanks.Carol

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    Hi I have much the same problem, I fractured my ankle 8 weeks ago, and the cast was taken off 2 days ago. my ankle is still swolen and I cannot walk properly on it!!


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