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Can you please advise foods, positions or gentle exercise to increase the limited blood flow that my son has in his ankle.
Six weeks ago he broke the weight bearing bone of his right leg. Pins were inserted.
The pot was due to be removed yesterday, but the doctor said that as there had been insufficient blood flow to the end of the bone, there aren’t yet the expected signs of ostiopilitus (I think that’s the term used.
Therefore the pot has to stay on for 4 more weeks.
My son is an active person, being 31 and a teacher.
Is there anything that can speed his recovery – not patent medicines.
Thank you.Cherry


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    This is more likely influenced by the trauma from the injury. Bone healing does take a good bit of time. That’s the patient part of being a patient. I understand your concern regarding trying to help him, but I can not recommend exercises when I really know nothing about the specifics. As far as foods, a well balanced diet, with enough protein to help his body manufacture healing tissue is a good idea.


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      to Dr. Vivian Abrams. Thank you for taking time to reply to my query.Cherry


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