Broken Ankle/Foot Drop

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I would like to know something about Foot Drop. About 4 years ago I broke my ankle pretty bad.
They put it in a temp cast until I could see the specialist.
The Specialist (Not the best one I might add) LEFT it in the Temp Cast.
He told me I need to leave it on for 8 weeks and I shouldn’t need surgery.
When it came Time to take the cast off, the Doc didn’t give me any rehab, nothing!
I hurt for two weeks or more after I had the cast removed. Now I have problems with my ankle/foot getting weak and limp after a long time on my feet.
Should I look into an AFO for this? From what I hear it would take care of the limp/drop problem.


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    My legal background questions if maybe you have grounds for a malpractice suit? My medical background would advise you to see a good Orthopedist for another diagnosis, and treatment options. You did not say what field the “specialist” you initially saw was, but you need to follow up with a good Orthopedist. If he seems to indicate that you did not receive proper initial care, you should consider seeing a good attorney. Let us know how you make out, and good luck.


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    Before surgery, what can I do to keep the swelling down, other than just elevate the foot? Because this is making my foot feel numb.


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