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Hi my questions is I broke my big toe last thursday I went to the Emergency room and they took an exray told me to see a doctor which I did that afternoon. What seems to have happened according to the doctor I broke 3 or 4 bones in the toe my questions is I am still in pain have been taking a antiflammatory since it happened of course it is bruised and he did but tape it but should have this been put into a cast because of the mutliple breaks?
Thanks so much for your help. Kathy


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am sorry, but there is no quick assurance to give you. Whether you have money or not, you should consider seeing a neurologist. If there is a medical school nearby, call and ask if they have a neurology clinic. If not, then call up a neurologist and ask about being seen.


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    Well thanks for the response anyway. Hope it goes away lol. Actually it’s a bit worse, up to my calf now on the left side. Right leg seems better though. Maybe I’ll get to a doctor if it keeps up. Wish I knew some possibilities though.


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