Broken big toe

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My son just fractured his big toe while trying to kick a small soccer ball.
It is a non-displaced fracture.
They gave him a flat-soled shoe to wear.
It is about a half of an inch too small for his foot, so the top part of his big toe isn’t supported by the shoe.
The toe doesn’t seem to be supported or stabilized well at all.
We would like to have this injury heal as fast and as well as possible.
Is the shoe enough support for his toe to heal? Or should be doing something else?

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    How old is your son? We usually have good results with adolescents just wearing a pair of hard-sole shoes, such as dress shoes, to school instead of their normal tennis shoes. They only need to wear them for a couple of weeks, until the toe is non-painful to walk with in their normal tennis shoes. We also recommend that they initially tape the big toe to the second toe with a thin piece of cloth tape, to help stabilize it; at least for the first few days, or until the acute pain goes away. Unless it was a “crush” type injury, these fractures nearly always heal within about 3 weeks with adolescents…normally, the younger the kid, the faster the rate of healing. Let us know his age, and how he makes out.


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    I think my big toe is broken!!!!!!!!!!!


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