Broken bone

I have a cracked bone in my foot( the bone that runs along the second toe up) as well as several torn ligaments in the bottom of my foot.
I was misdiagnosed at first so I was just recently put into an aircast.Can you tell me in your opinion if being in an aircast is enough to heal a cracked bone and ligaments. My podiatrist is saying healing time is 3 weeks….as happy as that made me it does seem rather quick….your opinion would be greatly appreciated

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    It is difficult to give an exact time frame based on insufficient information. It might take 3 weeks and it might take longer. There are many factors to consider. Compliance, degree of damage, and expectations. Most patients expect to hear that in 6 weeks they will be healed. Most doctors know that this is not 100% true. Yes you are better at 6 weeks but not 100%. Still it is allowed to pass. I do not ever promise something I can not be sure of.


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