Broken Clavical

When my son was 17 he broke his collar bone, it was a complete fracture, the doctor put him in a brace allowing the bone to overlap and heal causing the collar bone to be an inch and a half shorter than the other. He is now 26 and for several years has complained about pain from head to toe on the side of his broken collar bone. He is constantly twisting and trying to adjust himself. He has been through several months of physical therapy with some marginal improvement, but not enough. Is it possible that his pain is from this shorter collar bone? He is thinking of having it rebroken and set to the appropriate lenght.Your response is greatly appreciated.

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    My son broke his clavical today playing rugby. The doctor said the break was sharp, i.e., the bones could do potential damage to his lungs. He said this is very rare, but now I’m pretty concerned…. He also put a lot of fear in my 14-year old son. We’re going to see an Orthopedist Monday, but just wondered if you could offer your opinion. My son is also worried that the bone won’t grow back together….my sister and I both broke our clavicals as children, and everything healed just fine……


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