broken clavical

I have a broken clavical. I went thru ER and have had checkup from my doctor. The break happened 3 days ago. My question is: Is it normal for the arm to have swelling? When I move I have more pain in the arm joint than the clavical? I was given pain meds & muscle relaxers and given a week to see if any changes.

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    This all sound common for 3 days post injury. Ice will really help…hold it on the injured site for 15 minutes at a time…several times daily. If you can get one of those flexible gel packs from a pharmacy, those are very comfortable for a condition such as yours. An arm sling is helpful for a week of so. The pain meds and muscle relaxers should help quite a bit. Write back if you have any other questions, and call your doctor if you are worried about anything, or have any specific (unanswered) questions for him…that is what you are paying him for.


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