broken clavical

I broke my left clavical about 2 weeks ago. I am in the military and the doctors wont look at it for another month. I have had broken bones and I know it hurts and what bone pain feals like. The problem is I think there is a muscel or tendon betwen the brake in the bone and is healing like that. When I turn my head there is some thing tendon like that hurts and stiks out,it gos from the middle of the brake and runs up the side of my neck. It is very tight and almost feals like it might snap.Will this fix it self or will it require surgery. I do not feal that it is healing right,what do you think? Thank you for your time

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    my 2 year old fell off a couch and broke he clavical it snapped and makes a v with the bones she still hurts after 4 days and she wont get to see a doc untill 10 days all they did was put her in a sling but she can stll move she is only two and doesnt know not to move it she just know it hurts when she does I’m scared she will fall as she is sort of clumsy and off ballance now what can I do?


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