Broken clavicle

I have broken my clavicle bone not far from the end by the shoulder and am seeking some imformation befor I have surgery. The bone has broken approx 25mm from the endThe surgen is wanting to remove the broken portion of the bone completly and tye thing together with tendons. I do some quite heavy lifting and climbing at work and I’m not sure if this type of surgery would handle it. I feel that a plate over the break would be a much better outcome. I look forward to any imformation you could give me on this matter.Rob Murphy.New Zealand.

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    I broke my left clavicle febuary 13, 2015.It is completley disfigured, and is pushing out on my skin. the bump is about one inch out. I don’t know whether or not to get surgery, because it is a high risk opperation due to nerves, and arteries running from your neck to your arm. It’s been about 3 and a half weeks now, and I still have sharp pains in my arm. The break its self at the time, did not cause much discomfort. It was hard to sleep though… I would suggest surgery if its an option. the bone caused a callus to form on my shoulder, and it wont go away without surgery. It will wear down alittle, due to the pressure the skin puts on it, and constant rubbing.


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