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Hello, my husban had a hard fall from a ATV and broke his clavical bone in 4 places, one of the bones broke open his skin so the doctors had to go in and clean it out.
He was told if this was not done he could get a very bad infection, is this true? now he is told that he may need to have a plate and screws put in if it dosent heal right does this sound right? how long for it to heal do you think 4 to 6 months? please let me know what you think thank you


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    First of all..Owww! Anytime the skin is broken you can introduce the body to infection. Chances are he had a lot of dirt in there too that had to be cleaned out. Usually healing can be about 6-8 weeks if he has a good diet and doesn’t smoke. With a clavical fracture he should not be reaching overhead for about 4 weeks. And yes, if it does not heal properly the doctors stabalize the bone with pins and plates. Tell your dr. you would like to go see a PT if he hasn’t given you clear cut guidelines of activity and exercise. Good luck.


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      my dr told me I had a stress frature in my shoulder, first she sad it was a muscle spazam,gave me amrix, that didn’t work so I asked for an exray and that said a cystic changes in at point of the supraspinatus tendon. the she said it was a stress fracture, I’am in lot’s of pain and nothing has helped please help me PLEASE Linda Lauterio PS THANK YOU SO MUCH


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