broken fibia no X Ray ????????

Hi there I had spiral fractured my fibia they said I will need a plate and screws in it because where they jion at the ancle they came apart a month after surgery I went in to get an X-ray and he said just take the cast of and try to walk on it if it hurts take some pressure off. Is this the proper procedure??? I can’t put pressure on my foot because it hurts and that is why he said to work into it?? how does he know if it is healed properly with out an X-ray???

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    I fractured my fibia on April 7th. I am in a “boot”. The doctor said that I could discontinue wearing it to bed either when I could put 50% weight on it (2 weeks after the fracture), or the next week when I could do away with the crutches. He did not give me written instructions, and I didn’t have a pen and paper to write the time-frame down. I asked for written instructions, but he disregarded that request. I need to know when I can stop wearing it to bed — it is very uncomfortable, but I don’t want to discontinue nighttime use until it is appropriate. I tried calling his office earlier today. The office is closed for a week for their vacation. What is the “time schedule” for sleeping sans the boot?


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