broken fibula

I’m a female, age 60, with no symptoms or evidence of osteopirosis, and my question is this… I fell down the stairs approx 2 weeks ago and broke my fibula mid-bone. I have been given a “walking” cast for 6 weeks and was told that I should be able to stop feeling the bone “move” after two weeks, and still am feeling it move… is this normal?? Should I be concerned?? Thank you

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    if you are feeling a slight ”clicking” movement,then yes it is normal. I broke mine about 4 weeks ago and it does still click. my doctor assured me it is normal. after only 2 weeks your haven’t yet devoloped any healing bone, especially since you are a bit older. I am 29 and saw my doctor yesterday for follow up x-rays. the bone is in perfect alignment but even I haven’t devoloped any healing bone. I suggest follow up x-rays to make sure the bone is still aligned properly and physical therapy to help strngthen the muscles and tissues around the fibula. hope this helped.


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