Broken fibula

It has just been confirmed that I have broken my right fibula approximately 1 inch below the knee joint. The accident happened exactly 1 week ago and because I initially believed the damage to be muscular I consequently did not visit the hospital and continued to weight bare – although minimal walking was carried out. On the occasions that I did walk a clicking sensation was experienced.Upon visiting the hospital the examination concluded that I had not experienced the normal ankle trauma associated with this sort of break and that the nerve damge was minimal. The doctor was reluctand to put a cast above my knee (as he believed this would freeze the joint) and said that if I could live with the pain I could keep it in a elastic bandage – i.e without a cast. In the end it was decided that they were to put a cast to the knee however it only was a half cast round the back of the leg and foot.My questions are (a) Did the bone begin healing as soon as the incident occured, or will this only happen now the leg is stable? (b) The doctor encouraged me to begin to attempt to weight bare with the aid of crutches following a week of rest, do you agree with this recommedation? (c) I was told that I could potentially go back to the elasticated bandage if I felt it appropriate – when would you advise this time to be?Thanking you in anticipation

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    I broke, well actually the doctor said shattered my fibula August 13th 2017.Three breaks one large and two small. I asked the doctor not to cast it but requested a boot. The doctor said if I did exactly as he said I possibly could heal with no surgery. He said the first week was crucial. First week did not allow leg to touch the ground. Kept boot on 24 hours a day except when showering sitting in a chair in the shower. Eight days later (today) went for xrays, doctor was really happy with the progress and stated if I kept it up barring accidents 90% sure no surgery. Told me to buy a cane and try to get off the crutches. I have to have xrays next week and if progress is good I can throw cane away. Another week later another xray and if all is well I can swim without pushing off side or bottom of pool. Onw week later he said I should be back spinning!!!


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