broken fibula dislocated fibula

I broke my ankle 5 months ago.
I was in a cast for 9 weeks and a boot for 9 weeks.
I didn’t have insurance to have surgery and the podiatrist I first saw said I should have probably had surgery because my fibula was dislocated.
It’s now been 5 months and I am out of the cast but still have swelling in my ankle and pain on the side of my leg.
I couldn’t have physical therapy because I have no insurance and the clinic I went to does not have it.
My question is can you tell me some sort of excercises I can do that will maybe strengthen my ankle since I don’t really know any.
I was told it is still not healed all the way. Thank YouStephanie Macek

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    : Thank You: Stephanie MacekI broke my fibula 11 weeks ago so know what ur goin through!Iv seen a physio a few times and was given some strengthening excercises: stand and go up on to tiptoes do as many times as you want, stand and tap your toes on the ground, sit and put a small object in front of you and with your heel on the ground move your foot from side to side over the object,then do it lifting your heel from side to side with your toes on the ground, do basic muscle stretches, swimmings great aswell. Whenever uv got a spare moment do an exercise. Hope this helps a little sorry if I didn’t explain it very well. Good luck xx xx


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