Broken Fibula, Ligaments and tendons

16 yr. old son underwent surgery on 8/22 following a football injury. Had plate and 9 screws inserted in lower right leg, stiches in ligaments. Doctor said he would be in cast for 3 months. He is in a lot of pain, is taking Cefadroxil 500MG and Hydrocodone/APAP 5MG/500MG tabs.
My husband and I are wondering if a MRI should have been ordered to check the surronding blood vessels and tissue. And also if we should take him to a sports med. specialist for second opinion. The doctor has also stated that he would be released to return to school on Sept. 4th but every movement is painful. We make him get up and move around the house for fear of blood clots but he is out of breath and holds leg up in air to release the pain/pressure. Am worried that a full day of school will be too much. Do you recommend seeing a sports med specalist and/or requesting a MRI on the 3rd when seeing the orthopedic surgeon?

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    My son had a similar football injury on 9/20/2013 in a college game. It’s 3 weeks since the injury and 2.5 weeks since the surgery and he still has a lot of pain. He had 8 screws and a plate with a broken fibula and ligament injuries. I am concerned that the pain is going on too long. The Dr originally prescribed perkoset but it didn’t help much. did you get a follow-up opinion??? When did the pain subside???


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