Broken Fifth Metatarsal

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The screw area hurts and feels very tight.
The pain is localized on thenleft side.
Also, my foot and toes get tingly and red.
My doctor says that he has never had to remove a screw before, and prescribed Neurontin.
My activity level remains restricted because of the pain.
Thank you for your time.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Not having examined your foot, I can not say anything for sure. I certainly do not want to second guess your doctor, but in medicine, one should never say never. You might consider asking for a copy of your records getting another opinion.


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    Continuous pain in a fracture or sprain that has healed might be a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, a very debilitating and progressive chronic pain disorder. Get checked within six months and it can be reversed. Don’t wait, it becomes irreversible after this time. My mother has this from a sprained ankle a year ago. She has had nerve blocks, tens units, pain meds and is being treated at the University of Michigan for this disease. She is suffering so badly she wants to die. Please don’t wait. Get a second opinion. Get a third, fourth fifth. I hope somehow this helps but I truly hope this is not what is causing your pain. Good luck.


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