broken fifth metatarsel

I live in Thailand at the moment, and I broke the base of my fifth metatarsel 6 weeks ago. The doctor I have seen doesn’t speak much English so he didn’t tell me if it was a Jone’s fracture or an avulsion, but I could see from the x-ray that it was in that location. I was put in a cast immediately and now my new x-ray shows that the bone has just healed. It is still tender, but I am happy to see the progress because I have heard and read bad things about fractures in this area. The doctor took off the cast and said 6 more weeks with crutches and only partial weight. Will it really take this long for me to walk again? I am a really active/athletic person so it is driving me nuts. Are there any suggestions you can give me for my healing process? Also, my foot still turns purple when it is not elevated and I am afraid to put any weight on it. What should I expect/be doing during the next few weeks? Thanks

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    As I can not see your foot, I can not comment on your situation specifically. It is not uncommon for these fractures to take severalmonths to heal. The discoloration is due to increased blood flow during the healing process. You should follow the advice the doctor who is treating you gave. You will not be helping thisngs getting on this too soon. Hang in there, it will be annoying, but it will get better


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