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I have a Lisfranc fracture of the 5th metatarsal. Break was 6 weeks ago.
I have been walking with a boot. At my 5 1/2 week appointment with the orthopedist I was told to start weaning out of the boot and begin exercising.
The ortho did not give me any more specifics than that.
I have found exercises on the internet and have walked for 15 minutes on the treadmill at a slow rate.
I am only without the boot in my home because of my fear of being outside without the protection of the boot.
My foot burns at the site of the break during ankle rotation.
When I walk, with each step my foot feels a pinch, or catch.
Have I started too early with rehab or am I doing too much rehab too early? Does it always hurt this bad?

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    there are so many possibilities why your having pain in your foot. A few of these are joint stiffness and weak muscles. Our ankle and foot need a significant clearance of range of motion for it to move properly during your forward propulsion during your everyday activities like running, walking or stair climbing and also significant strength for it to support the foot including the whole lower limb.During the period that you wore a cast.. joint stiffness and muscle weakness develops on ur ankle and foot and the adjacent muscle groups as well. That’s why you have pain and weakness in your knee…a start-up exercises or you that you can do at home are: do this for 1 week and inform me regarding your progression after 1 week so I can revise and progress your exercises.1. trunk twisting for 20 times at each side with both of ur feet planted at the ground.2. ankle dorsiflexion self-stretching for 30 seconds hold for 3 repetitions (see standing with both feet on the ground while both eyes closed. (maintain your shoulder and pelvis level) for 1 minute, 3 repetitions.4. double calf raises 20 reps x 3 sets.5. ice for 15 minutes on painful area (beware of ice burn!)


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