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I broke two bones in my foot on July 28. I’m still in one of those black boot walkers. It still hurts to put any pressure on my foot. I’ve tried to sleep without the boot but the pain still wakes me up. I can walk without crutches but only for so long and then the pain and swelling makes it impossible. x-rays show that there is only minimal healing. The swelling gets so bad my entire leg swells up. People ask why the Dr didn’t put a cast on me instead of the boot. My foot slides around unless I tighten the velcro straps really tight and then the straps are pushing on the broken part causing more pain. The broken bones are the two right in front of two of my toes on the top of my foot. Brusing is also still present on the bottom on my foot from the accident. Do I need to do something different? I don’t want surgery but it looks like I’m facing another month or more wearing this boot thing. I don’t want to continue doing something that is not working for another month.
Thanks, Cathy

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I remember when these cast boots came on the market. I was so happy I wouldn’t have to put casts on (and take them off too). However, I have found that some patients think they can wear this like an accessory and don’t think that they need to sleep in it. I remind them if they were in a cast, they would certainly sleep in it. I have used many different brands of these and have yet to find the perfect device. I always have a supply of foam that I buy at a fabric store so I can cut pieces and put them in the cast boot to cushion and snug it up as it stretches out. Patients almost always love this and say why didn’t they think of that?You might go to the fabric store and buy a piece of foam usually 1″ thick. Cut pieces of it and pad your foot top and bottom.Hope this helps


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