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Hello my name is Jake. I am a Cpl in the United States Marine Corp. I recently (Jan 13th) Broke my Heal, and my wrist at the same time. The wrist is fine but my heal is still troubling me. I had surgery on the 21st of Jan. I am still non-weight bearing and I still have sharp pains in my foot. The pain is not so much in the heal but from the middle of my foot forwards. Also my second and third toes started to hook down and it is very painfull. I am in Physical Therapy here at a naval hospital, but its not doing much. My break was clean it did not shatter it kind of sheered on a angle. I had three screws put in. Also the doc had to fuse a joint in my ankle it is one of the joints that controls side to side. I can’t remember the name of it. But I do still have about 40 % or so of that movement. My question is, What can I do to recover fast. I have to run every other day in my carrer as a Marine. I have about one year to run 3 miles in 28 min or less or I will be discharged from the Marine corp. And that would ruin my life. So Can people who have had these breaks still run 3-5 miles??? Thank you.Cpl Pope, JRUSMC


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    These are questions that you should be asking your PT. What type of therapy are you getting? Are they doing massage and stretching? Joint mobs?


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    I too broke my heel( down the middle) in January and had surgery in Feb( 2 screws) . I am an RN and I have beeen manually moving the joints as much as possible. Pulling toes up and down is painful at first, but believe me, it will help in the end. I have also been gently rotating the foot in a circle. The move you move the joints the more lubricated they are and the better you will be in the long run. I have started PT yesterday and taking my first steps. If you have not been massaging the incision, I cannot recommend this enough because it will break up the scar tissue which is hypersensitive right now. Best of luck to you and thanks for your service to me, my family and our country!


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