Broken heel and other foot damage

I broke my heel in two places 8 months ago. I broke it stepping down on a step I could not see. I twisting my ankle and my foot so far that the side sole of my shoe touched the side of my calf. My foot went back into place and no surgery was needed for the bones. I was not able to recieve an MRI due to a metal piece in my ear.
I still can not move my foot left to right very far without it pinching extremely. I have trouble pointing and flexing also. My doctor feels I have damage in my joints, even though CT scan shows good space. My physical theropist feel I may have tenden damage. What happens if I have damaged the tendens or torn them? Would surgery be needed in either case or can it be resolved with theropy?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I am sorry I can’t give you much information as I can’t examine your foot or the MRI. It ispossible that therapy may be helpful, you have nothing to lose by trying. If after a year, you still have a problem, surgery may be indicated, but I really don’t know exactly what. It may be possible to fit you with a custom ankle brace such as a Arizona or Richie type brace. You should discuss this further with a podiatrist.


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