broken heel recovery

I fractured my right heel 6/1/09 jumping off a 7 ft railing, over a bush, in the dark, with sandels on. No insurance. Got a pair of crutches. Went to er 1 week later. They took x-rays, put foot in a splint. From june 28th to july 3rd, the pain was excrutiating as the bone and foot was healing. I found a docter who works out of his home, $25 dollars for 20 minutes of pt-it helps alot. He said I also sprained my foot, hence the stiffness and soreness. Now 9 weeks later, I am putting weight on it by practicing getting out of a chair- that is a good excercise, and swimming. I am a painter, and I am hoping to get to work soon. I told everyone that God would heal it, and so far he has. Other good exercises are wiggling your toes and kicking your heal out while lifting your toes. The hospital reduced my bill dramatically. My prayers are with those with broken bones.

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    do they make a temp air cast to help aid in walking with a stress fracture of the calceneus (heel) bone.been about 6 wekks and still cannot walk pain free.crutches are “getting old”what type of air cast can I wear in aiding the recovery.p.s. hockey starts in a couple weeks and golf has hurt too much to enjoy as of late.this air force veteran would like sme kind of sports aid that keep me in tthe game yet aid in the healing process.


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