broken left humerous

i hade my left humerous broken on feb 22,2012 and reseved treatment on feb 26, 2012 the hosp,didn’t do sugery untell may 13,2012 during that time I was in a splint I had two nonunion fractures and the splint allawed my arm to move constently the upper part of my arm and the butter-fly pies turned perpindicaler and stade that way for 8 weeks is that the reason the bone graft didn’t work or what can you teel me??? thank you tim

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    Hi I sliped in my drive way I had a fractured elboe its have been thee weeks I went back to see my orthopidic cause I have numbness in my left hand doctor said it is a pinch nerve and still my fractured is not heeled she said it will take 6 to 8 weeks please tell is it okay to go back to my work or stay home I am a teacher and I can go for a short term disability thanks.


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