broken little toe

3 days ago my little toe got jammed under a door, I went to the doctor at the local emergency clinic and he said it is broken without even xraying it.
Is it normal for a broken toe to have tingling pins and needles?All around the base of the toe is black and the top of the foot and underneath are swollen aswell as the toe.
I get a sharp pain if I walk on the foot, so I am trying to keep off it as much as I can. The doctor bandaged my toes together but the bandages tend to slip off.Skiwi

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    I decided to go and get my toe xrayed today. It shows a compound fracture, the middle bone in my toe has gone and the end and the largest bone are joining together, plus there is a lot of lumpy bone around it. The A&E doctor is sending my xray off to the hospital fracture clinic. I am just relieved it didn’t break anything in my foot.Skiwi


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