broken lower fibula

Hi, broke my fibula almost 3 weeks ago (no. 11th) and need to ski to work/live this winter. I put off the first month and am now scheduling myself to start Jan 23rd, gives me about 10 weeks from injury. It’s feeling O.K right now and will get a walking cast Monday. I have an air cast I’d like to use. The broke was clean right through just above the ankle from inversion. Any thoughts? I’m eating well with suppliments and exercising as much as possible. Is this possible or do I just risk breaking it again? Thanks for you help, Here’s hoping I’m as fast a healer as I think.

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    Hi Rob I too needed to work, but unfortunaly, the nature of this injury will require that you take some time off for properly healing to occur. It is wonderful idea that you are taking CA supplements. But I will take it easy, since skying requires to put so much pressure in your ankles. I wish you that by now, you have fully recovered. best wishesJorge


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