broken metatasal and ligament damage of ankle

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approx 10 wks ago, took a step awkwardly out back door, 1st diagnoses was -sprained ankle ,2st was broken 3rd metatasal . I had plaster too knee for 4wks, then removed … it was put back on 5days later, as it was vey swollen and painful . it was on for 3wks, the doctor felt this was more than long enough, he wasn’t at all helpful, sent home with tubi grip, told to gradually walk on it, for days I was tyring to wallk it, till the 5th day, I returned to gp, who says I had signs of ligament damage in ankle, maybe masked by plaster on foot and now walking on it has flared up . I am still off work and still a lot of pain, can’t weight bear for to long and have to sleep with foot outside bed, don’t know what to do next, is it normal ???? please help


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I think you should have seen a specialist- podiatrist or orthopedist.


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    i recently have damaged my ligiments in my ankle…Put lots of ice on it. If this does not help hot water or a heat lamp!Gradually walk on itGo to the shopWork on itit will reapir itselfBecause the plasterr has been on sooooooooooo long the muscles have become weak as they have not been used! It will take time but gradually you’ll get there!


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