Broken neck

I had broken my neck about two and a half months ago.
I have been making a great recovery until my last doctors apointment about two weeks ago when my doctor told me that it was time I start walking around without my neck brace on but still wear it when I’m in a vehicle.
The day after I woke up with extremely sore muscles in my neck(appearently from not using them for so long)and a tingly numbness in both hands and all my fingers, but mainly my pinkies.
I read in my medical record that I also had two hurniated discs from my accident along with the C4, 5, and 6 fractures. Could the numbness be from the aggitated muscles, discs or have I reinjured my neck? Any information would be greatly appreciated, I would hate to waste my doctors time by calling him.

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    You doctor works for you, feel free to call him anytime. Don’t feel you’re wasting his time. You are in pain, having problems and need a doctor who will address it. The symptoms sound like nerve compression, either due to the discs or possibly inflammation secondary to the injury.


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